About us

We, the ‘Bündnis Studierende gegen Rechts’ (students’ alliance against right-wing ideologies), are a department of the Students’ Council of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (since February 2014) and see ourselves, based on a liberal democratic ethos, as a

  • peaceful,
  • pluralistic and
  • cross-party

association of students in Magdeburg that speak against right-wing ideologies.

We regard as ‘right-wing’ ideologies:

  • anti-egalitarian points of view that go against the equality of all people
  • discrimination and oppression
  • historical revisionism
  • inhumanity of all kinds, e.g. anti-semitism and anti-ziganism
  • nationalism
  • race’ ideologies
  • stigmatization of religious, cultural and sexual orientation

(This is not a complete list.)

Our goals are


Organizing events, workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, etc. to discuss relevant issues;


Mobilizing as many students as possible to actively participate in society, e.g. through demonstrations and other events;


By being present as an active alliance and as a department of the Students’ Council, we want to point out the urgency of ongoing commitment against right-wing ideologies. We act as first contact point for affected persons and offer chances for getting active and for networking;

We want to promote a public opinion that is critical towards Neo-Nazism, right-wing ideologies and violence by right-wing radicals occurring in the universities of Magdeburg and in our city. We want to represent a body of students that is united to fight these problems in a dedicated and peaceful way, a body that takes a stand and shows civil courage.