Distance to the right – not one meter to fascism

Under this motto we call you on January 16, 2021, together with the alliance “Solidarisches Magdeburg” to stand in the way of the pseudo memorial march of neo-Nazi groups.

[…]”Traditionally, neo-Nazi groups try to glorify the atrocities of the National Socialist regime and portray the population as the sole victims of Allied “bomb terror”. We know that this is a deliberate reinterpretation of history and we oppose the right-wing appropriation of this day. The last months have shown that we must never stop fighting against right-wing mobilisations.”[…] – Call SoMa

Especially after the challenging year 2020, which confronts us all with the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, right-wing extremist networks and groups have spread further and, with the “lateral thinking” movement driven by conspiracy myths, have found another public stage for their contemptuous and historical revisionist ideas.

It is therefore all the more important that we organise ourselves together and make our cultural and political commitment visible with a strong and diverse counter-protest. But also to show that there is no place here for anti-Semitic, racist, nationalist or other misanthropic attitudes.

If you as an individual or political group, would like to get actively involved and support us at our rally, feel free to DM us here or on Instagram!

The whole appeal of the alliance “Solidarisches Magdeburg” can be read here . For the latest information about the events on 15 &16 January, check out the Facebook event.

Stay well and show solidarity!